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Saaremaa is a beautiful island rich in flora, fauna, and flavour. The seasonal ingredients that the island offers, the intense focus on locality and Estonia’s best culinary school – are important cornerstones that strongly affect Estonian culinary culture now and will continue to do so in the future.

SAUCE2016 joins to celebrate Saaremaa and its food by bringing four Nordic guest chefs to the island to get creative. They will reveal new secrets of Saaremaa and their innovative version of island cooking. “SECRETS OF SAAREMAA” charity dinner is a connection between the food we eat, the land it comes from, the people who produce it and the people who put it on your plate.

This dinner is a joint effort with local chefs and visiting chefs, to celebrate the seasonal food of Saaremaa, but also to further the education of local culinary students. Profits from the dinner will go towards financing a practical training period for two of the most prominent students from the Kuressaare Cooking School at some of the best restaurants in the world.

The guest chefs are:
Sasu Laukkonen, Chef & Sommelier (Finland)
James Bond-Kennedy, Relæ (Denmark)
Andrey Korobyak, MØS (Russia)
Filip Langhoff, ASK (Finland)

The local superteam is:
Alar Aksalu, GO Spa
Risto Laanet, Cafe Mosaiik
Sander Väärt, Retro
Toomas Leedu, Kuursaal
Kaupo Raaper, Grand Rose
Kristjan Janke, restaurant Nautica
Märten Sepp, restaurant Nautica

The evening will be a full of flavour, good stories, and great company. Entertainment is guaranteed by the island’s own girl Grete Paia – one of Estonia’s top singers.

Join this unique dinner, while at the same time supporting the future of the Estonian culinary culture.

When: On Saturday 17 September. Starting 18.00 until late.
Where: Kuursaal, Kuressaare
For Who: Anyone. You don’t have to have SAUCE ticket to attend this dinner.



On 17 September, in the backyard of the historical Kuressaare Castle, which has seen many medieval battles, a legendary football match between police and punks, as well as hosted operas, will transform into a battleground for restaurants and the 5th Chef’s Cup tournament.

When: On Saturday 17 September. Starting 11.00 -16.00.
Where: On the main square of Kuressaare, Saaremaa
For Who: Chefs.